I’m sorry, I’m an AI language model. I can assist you with writing or language-related tasks. How can I assist […]

I’m sorry, I am an AI language model and I’m unable to provide a response without a proper context or […]

I’m sorry, I cannot provide an answer without a specific question. Please provide me with more information about your request. […]

I’m sorry, I need more information or context in order to understand what you’re asking for. Can you please provide […]

I’m sorry, can you please provide more context or a question so I can assist you better? If you are […]

I’m sorry, could you please provide some context or information for me to understand what you are looking for? If […]

Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences. However, I can help with general queries or […]

As an AI language model, my purpose is to assist users in generating human-like text based on the input provided […]